What is Mid Century Boho?

So, are you even allowed to combine interior design styles in the first place? I am here to tell you the simple answer, yes! Combining styles is a great way to make your space dynamic, and it serves as the perfect catalyst to compromise for couples and roommates. If you have two styles that you love and just can’t make up your mind like me, then combining them will bring you the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at the two very different styles I chose to combine in my loft.

Defining Mid Century Style

Mid Century Modern refers to the time period during the middle of the 20th century when products and buildings were designed in line with the Modernist movement. The Mid Century aesthetic is defined by clean lines, simple shapes, and a focus on the materials used. It often places a high emphasis on function in addition to form, and takes into account lifestyle needs.

Basically, this style has many minimalist features and an overall bright and clean feeling for simple living.

mid century sofa

Defining Boho Style

The boho or “bohemian” style embraces the eclectic and unique. Unlike the Mid Century aesthetic, boho embodies a maximalist lifestyle rather than a minimalist look. Boho interiors are curated with collections from travels, vintage finds, and unique pieces. Traditionally the style embraces natural elements as the base, like jute and wicker, and layers in bright jewel tones through the accessories.

Think of boho as an explosion of colors, textures, and special items on full display.

boho bedroom

Why Blend Interior Design Styles

So, why blend these two looks? I have two main reasons for blending interior design styles that don’t seem to match at first glance.

1. Blending interior design styles creates contrast and tells a story.

When you walk into a room where everything matches, it can feel a bit boring. This is because none of the pieces are telling different stories. If all our friends had the same beliefs and opinions, we’d have a boring social circle. The same goes for the items in your home. You want items that contrast and form a unique conversation in the room. Pair new and old, metals and woods, bright colors and neutrals, they all have something to add to the mix.

2. Blending interior design styles is practical

Combining styles is practical when multiple people live in the space, or if you have items that don’t match your main style. For example, I love the Mid Century style and used it as the base for my loft. However, my art collection is anything but Mid Century and encompasses a wide array of pieces. That sounds a little boho, right? Adding additional boho elements made the art fit the space and also added a fun contrast to the clean lines.

mid century boho living room

Finding Your Blend of Decor Styles

Now, it is time to find your blend of decor styles! My suggestion is to find styles that contrast, but that also have some common element. For example both Mid Century and boho looks utilize a lot of bright accent colors like teal and burnt orange. They also both have ties to the 60s and 70s. (Hippies were the original bohemians, right?)

I would also recommend limiting yourself to two styles so that the look is intentional and not like a messy collection of indecisiveness. Some style duos have become so popular that they are a style in their own right. Traditional and contemporary were paired so frequently, that the transitional style was born as the perfect blend.

Of course, always remember that it is your space and your opinion is the most important thing.

Hope you dudes enjoyed!

If you have additional questions on blending styles, email me at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.

Need help pulling together your own blended space? Check out my design services.

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