Guest Dude: Pop by Hiral

I love seeing how other dudes and dudettes express their creativity, especially in the home. When I came across Pop by Hiral, I knew I had to get her to share the story behind her writing and uniquely illustrated art and decor. Based in Southern California, Hiral creates introspective prose and illustrations that allow viewers to reflect and rediscover themselves.

Here is her guest blog post, enjoy!

pop by hiral

Hi, my name is Hiral. I’m a business owner, writer, artist, and philanthropist.  I would say I’m best known for my compassion towards humanity, my ambition to help others heal, and my creative eye for design.

Growing up, I have always been into different forms of expression, from writing to speaking to playing music. But, I love the concept of words most, which is why writing has always been therapeutic for me. Through this I started @popbyhiral – an online destination that cultivates the deep enjoyment of my written words and illustrated drawings which express the different points of perception that POP up in my mind. Knowing I can help heal others and bring unity through the art of my words is the main reason why I continue to write.

I love using different mediums within my work as it’s visually pleasing to the mind for those who see and read it. I enjoy writing poetry, because it helps the reader understand feelings in a deeper perspective. I also write short quotes and encouraging messages to uplift others. I believe every form of writing communicates beauty and evokes emotion. I chose the name ‘POP by Hiral’ based on all the many topics and design ideas that would pop into my mind; be it through the different people that I meet, stories that I hear or read, music I listen to, interviews, podcasts, etc. – I gain inspiration everywhere!

decorative pillow

Through developing @popbyhiral, I thought it would be great to introduce products to play as beautiful reminders to help you feel good and to feel more at peace within your soul. I design anything from prints, canvases, home decor, and accessories. I think my work can be best portrayed in a space where one needs most comfort, like anywhere in your home, your bedroom, your office space, etc. You can visit my website at: for more.

Whether it be my technical side or my creative side, I believe what makes me most successful is authenticity. It’s easy to get lost amidst what you see online or based on the timeline of other people’s success but staying absolutely true to yourself and to your purpose is what will set you up for your own greatness. Every individual’s path and story is different, which makes life interesting. As long as you continue to be authentic, I believe your highest heights can be reached. I’m looking forward to seeing how many lives I can POP up into, as I continue building this creative brand.

inspirational quote canvass art

Make sure to check out Hiral’s beautiful work on her website. You are sure to find something inspiring!

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