How to Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

The Top Home Trend in 2021 is Comfort – Here’s How You Can Make Your Home Office More Comfortable with Purple 

Purple sponsored this blog post, and all opinions are my own.

One Day, I Decided to Make My Home Office Even Cozier 

Did you dudes know one of the leading home design trends in 2021 is comfort? It seems like it should be a given, right? After spending so much time at home, dudes realize just how important comfort really is. Like me! I work from home and decided it was time to add some extra cozy vibes to my home office space. When I learned Purple makes a full line of seat cushions, my curiosity was sparked.  

Receiving My Purple Shipment

First, I Researched the Purple Office Chair Seat Cushion  

The Purple Double Seat Cushion is designed to turn your desk time into “me time.” It’s made for eight hours of sitting and comes with the official Purple Grid and seat cover. The Purple Grid features a hyper-elastic gel grid that immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust for an immediate pressure-reducing response. I had to test this bad boy out for myself.  

Next, I Tested Out Purple Mattresses and Seat Cushions in Store 

Purple makes it easy to find a Purple retailer near you, and you can even book personal appointments to get that VIP level service. I tested out some mattresses and seat cushion options and was amazed! Each product really did live up to the hype I’ve heard so much about. I could feel the pressure melt away. I decided to get a Purple Double Seat Cushion and the Purple Harmony Pillow

Testing Out Purple In-store

Then, I Freshened Up My Office Space with the Purple Seat Cushion

I was so excited to get my Purple Double Seat Cushion in the mail! Freshening up my office space was so easy. I just followed a few simple steps, and BOOM…my office was the pinnacle of comfort. The Purple Grid really does make a difference at my desk. I can sit uninterrupted for much longer, the anti-slip cover stays in place, and I can move it around with the convenient handles. If you dudes want to jump on this whole comfort trend, Purple’s got your back! (Plus, they make it easy to upgrade with awesome sales.) 

Setting Up My Purple Seat Cushion

You Can Level Up Your Home Comfort with Purple’s Epic Memorial Day Sale, Too! 

The Purple Memorial Day promotion runs from May 19th through June 8th. Amazing (and comfortable) deals include up to $400 in savings on Purple Mattress Bundles. 

Step 1 – Pick Your Dream Mattress

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Step 2 – Add a Bundle and Save Even More!

$200 off 2 Harmony Pillows, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

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$150 off 1 Harmony Pillow, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

$150 off 2 Plush Pillows, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

Love My Purple Seat Cushion!

Level Up Your Own Home Comfort with Purple

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(I earn commission through my sales link, which allows me to create amazing blogs like this for dudes like you.)

The Purple Seat Cushion in Action

Other Ways to Freshen Your Home and Office This Spring 

1. Clean up your act! Give your space a good deep clean to feel refreshed and recharged. 

2. Add in new decor. Nothing transforms a room like art, color, and accessories. 

I hope you dudes enjoyed it! If you have additional questions on blending styles, email me at Need help pulling together your own blended space? Check out my design services.

2020 Goal: Make Cleaning Fun

Ok, dudes. It’s a new decade, but we all know you have some dirt and clutter from the 2010s lingering in your apartment. I’m talking about that drawer of take-out menus, that stack of holiday cards you are too sentimental to part with, and of course the dreaded plastic bag filled with plastic bags! What other things are we parting with as we move out of the 10s and into the roaring 20s: keto diet books, solar eclipse glasses, Pokemon Go app downloads? 


I’m here to tell you that we have to let that go! Time to start fresh. You may remember my 2019 post about how to jump start your cleaning chores. Well, this year I am making it a goal to grab the mop by the bucket (that’s clever word play, right?) and try cleaning more often. I think the best way to do this is to make cleaning fun. So, here are my tips to turn a boring chore into what you look forward to next week. 


Pump Up the Jamz (or the Podcast)

When I first started going to the gym, I thought it was boring and couldn’t wait to complete the final set and leave. So to make it more fun, I started making playlists to get me in a better mood when I was there. Soon, I found myself getting excited to go to the gym so I could take an hour to tune out and tune into my favorite songs. I propose we make cleaning a dance party in 2020. Who’s with me? 


Let the Games Begin 

Are you ready for it? If you find yourself with a competitive edge, try making cleaning a game. This may sound dumb, but it is a sure fire way to liven up the mood especially if you get other players (I mean cleaners) involved! Go make those free throws into the trash can, race to the end of the counter with your spray cleaner and rag, and ultimately try to beat the clock you set for yourself. 


Are You Getting the Point? 

Prizes make everything more fun right? Here’s the plan: make a list of all the cleaning chores you need to do for the week and every time you mark one off give yourself a point. Set a point goal for the end of the week, and if you make it go treat yo self! I think it’s worth taking out the trash on Monday if it means we’re treating ourselves to brunch Sunday!


Let the Robots Take Over 

Ok, so maybe *you* don’t have to do all the cleaning after all. If you have the budget, go make the investment in a robot floor cleaner. All you have to do is kick your feet up and enjoy. 


Dump Your Cleaner and Upgrade 

If you are cleaning with lackluster cleaners, then you may not be getting that sense of satisfaction when you’re done with the job. Personally, I want my apartment to smell fresh and inviting, not like heavy chemicals. That’s why I use Art of Green® cleaning products.


Art of Green offers two scents: 

  • Lavender Eucalyptus, which is very light and almost spa-like, and Citrus & White Flowers, which is very fresh and clean.

And three products: 

  • Spray cleaner, ready-wipes, and a concentrated cleaner for mopping floors. 

The biodegradable formula is 98% naturally derived, is nontoxic, and is free of harsh chemicals as well as parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color, or phosphates that you may find in other cleaners. Art of Green has also been dermatologically tested and is safe for sensitive skin, which means no need for cleaning gloves! For me, that instantly makes the chore of cleaning easier. It is also safe to use around pets, so your furry friends will be having more fun too. 


Hope you dudes have more fun cleaning with these tips! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or ask your dude at


Learn more at Art of Green is available at H-E-B stores.

This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Cleaning Spooky Messes

Hey, dudes! We are in October, which means it is officially spooky season. You know what else is spooky? Having to clean your apartment after your Halloween party.

But, don’t worry. I got you covered when it comes to polishing your pumpkins, cleaning up melted candy corn conundrums, and brushing away those spiderwebs only to add fake ones back in for decoration.


Now, you may remember my blog post where I discovered my favorite cleaning product, Art of Green®. They make eco-friendly cleaning products including a spray cleaner, wipes, and a concentrated cleaner. These Green products also come in way cheaper than some alternatives at under $3, so you won’t be screaming when you go to pay.

Plus, they make cleaning a breeze. Use the wipes when you have small treat spills on counters, tables, or floors. The spray cleaner is perfect for bigger messes, like when your cauldron boils over on the stove. The concentrated cleaner comes through when you need to mop the floors after a rowdy monster mash.


My favorite part is that there are no scary ingredients either. The biodegradable formula is 98% naturally derived, is nontoxic, and is free of harsh chemicals as well as parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color, or phosphates that you may find in other cleaners. Art of Green has also been dermatologically tested and is safe for sensitive skin, which means no need for cleaning gloves!


If your haunted mansion is feeling musty, the bright scents of Art of Green will brighten it right up. Scents include Lavender Eucalyptus, which is very light and almost spa-like, and Citrus & White Flowers, which is very fresh and clean. (Lavender is my jam.)

Now, let’s tackle those scary messes head on!

Learn more at Art of Green is available at H-E-B stores.

This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

San Antonio Staycation

Are you dudes looking to plan the ultimate San Antonio staycation (or vacation for you out of town dudes)? Well the Design Dudes have got you covered, because we staycationed and can now tell you how to do it in style. Now, pack those bags, and let’s go!


The first step to a great staycation is to remember the motto “treat yo self.” This is your opportunity to explore the city in a way you never have before, so why settle? For the ultimate luxury stay, this dude recommends the Mokara Hotel and Spa. This luxury hotel is right on the San Antonio River Walk, so you will be in the middle of the action. Take the opportunity to stroll the banks of the river and explore shops, restaurants, and treat yourself to a margarita or two.

However, when you step inside the doors of the lobby of the Mokara, you will be transported to another world. The hustle and bustle of downtown will fade away as you are greeted by smiling attentive staff and luxury details and finishings of the historic space. This is San Antonio’s ONLY four-star hotel, and you will instantly feel like a celebrity when you check in.


When you arrive to your room, you will be greeted with plush, crisp bedding. Be careful, once you hit this bed you are guaranteed to immediately start the best sleep of your life. Seriously, never have had a more comfortable hotel bed.

Other amazing room perks include valet parking, the fanciest of little soaps and shampoos, a bath butler that will draw your bath, amazing complimentary snacks upon checkin, and complimentary coffee and newspaper service in the morning. (Can we just move in?) And, don’t even get me started on those amazing River Walk views!

As we continued to explore the hotel, we came across a four-star spa (would you expect anything less?) The best part is that hotel guests get complimentary spa access to the sauna and hot tub. So, get ready to unwind in style. We also discovered a rooftop pool and patio, which may or may not be the best place to take in the city skyline with a cocktail in hand.

Now, all of this luxe relaxation can work up an appetite. So, where do we venture for dinner? Look no further than one floor below the hotel lobby. The Mokara is also home to their own AAA Four Diamond seafood restaurant, Ostra.

Now, you know this dude is originally from New Orleans. So, I love my seafood. And dude, this place was amazing! They offer a sustainably sourced seafood selection, with daring new ideas and also classic dishes. They also have an acclaimed oyster bar, with some of the freshest shellfish in town.


Now, this dude was lucky enough to attend their Moet and Chandon Champagne dinner. This dinner showcased Moet champagnes, and Chef Camron Woods perfectly paired 4 amazing courses to each one. Champagne expert Gina Livingston was there to guide you every step of the way and gave amazing insight to those sparkly bubbles we love.

These amazing courses included a Canadian oyster, a seared diver scallop with a truffle broth that everyone wanted a straw for, a seared Alaskan halibut and handmade pasta with caviar creme, and a light passionfruit panna cotta. Are you drooling yet?

Bottom line, next time they offer a pairing dinner you better book your seat fast!

If you aren’t into bubbles, Ostra also has an award winning wine bar (we heard talk of some rare specialty bottles locked away in the back, so make sure to ask about those) and the largest selection of tequila in downtown San Antonio with over 70 labels.

This dude would definitely recommend grabbing a cocktail here and taking advantage of a riverside table on the patio. (Also, a prime location for people watching.)

So, now you have your hotel, spa, rooftop pool, cocktail bar, and first night dining experience covered. What’s next on your staycation? You decide! (If you need some more help, make sure to invite your favorite dude or just email me.)

Catch ya later!

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are this dude’s.

Bromance: Treaty Oak Distillery

Dudes, I am quitting my job and retiring to Dripping Springs, TX, home to the Treaty Oak Distillery and Ranch. In fact, I may just set up a tent on the grounds, because this place is heaven on earth (for both bourbon and gin lovers).

I’m drunk on fun! – Probably Me


The Ranch

Now, you dudes already know I love Treaty Oak’s gin and bourbon. The gin is made from botanicals native to Texas Hill Country and is as unique in flavor as Texas itself. (It may or may not be my favorite.) And, the bourbon has distinct nuanced flavors that are one-of-a-kind. Well, I finally got the opportunity to see where it’s all made!


First, the dudes hopped in the car for a quick road trip. The distillery is located a short drive from both San Antonio and Austin. Upon arriving, we parked and walked up to an unassuming fence. But when we entered, we were greeted by rolling hills, open fields, a stage made out of an old semi truck, and vast Hill Country views. I was instantly in love. Cue bromance.

At the ranch – as the distillers lovingly call it – you can schedule a tour and tasting to see how it’s all made, which I thought was incredibly cool. Definitely eye-opening to see the process behind it all. (Bonus: you get a tasting included with your tour!)

You can schedule tours on Saturdays between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.


The Rickhouse

Next, we made our way to The Rickhouse. This open-air bar has incredible cocktails on tap. I am telling you, you haven’t lived till you’ve had one of their Mai Tais. Just think, the perfectly balanced cocktail every time. It is a game changer. This bar gives the ultimate chill vibe, so take a break and unwind in the cool breezes of Hill Country.

The Rickhouse is open Friday from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., and Sunday Noon – 6 p.m.


Cocktail Lab

If you are looking for a more upscale cocktail experience, they have you covered. The Cocktail Lab is a new addition to the ranch and is serving up some of the classiest, elevated cocktails you have ever seen. Get ready for a drink that will open all of your senses. I’d recommend one, but I honestly can’t choose. Don’t make me choose!

The Cocktail Lab is open Friday 4 p.m. – 9 p.m., Saturday 2 p.m. – 9 p.m., and Sunday Noon – 6 p.m.


Alice’s Restaurant

After all that drinking you will want to sober up with an amazing meal. Alice’s Restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients with a dash of inspiration. I am still having dreams about their tuna poke, charcuterie board, and enchiladas. Hold on. I’m going back right now. So, I’m going to let the food do the talking on this one.

Charcuterie Board

Spring Salad

Tuna Poke


Did I mention, there are also classes and themed days (like Tiki!)? When I visited, I was able to take a class on the art of Tiki cocktails (my favorites). It was great to learn the art of the craft from the experts themselves. And, it was even better getting to drink your classwork.

So, here’s to one of the best weekends ever! If you have any questions about my experience at Treaty Oak, feel free to email at or visit their website for more information.

And as always, make sure to never drink and drive and always have a safe plan and a designated driver.

Cheers, dudes!