10 Ways to Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summertime is here again, and we are now looking for ways to bring the summer feeling into the home. I have put together a list of 10 items that will make the inside of your home feel as bright and sunny as a warm summer day.

Bring the Summer Indoors with These 10 Home Accessories 

When it comes to summer decor, you need to find a balance. You want your space to feel bright and fresh while avoiding the stereotypical Florida beach house look. Spruce up your space for the season with these fun accessories. 

1. Peachy Bath Mat


A little bit fun and a little bit cheeky, this peachy clean bath mat from Urban Outfitters brings a pool house vibe to the everyday bath.

2. Sunny Appetizer Plate

cb2 appitizer plate

Long summer nights lead to more alfresco dining, more wine & cheese, and more courses to serve. These scalloped appetizer plates from CB2 are reminiscent of the summer sun, without being too on the nose.

3. Tropical Tiki Glasses


Don’t forget the drinks! Summer is perfect for experimenting behind the bar. Create a classic Mai Tai or get a little crazy with a Zombie Punch. Just remember to serve it up in a pineapple glass with a little umbrella from Overstock.

4. Tidal Throw Pillows


These retro surfer babe pillows bring a new meaning to couch surfing. They are subtle enough to bring into your decor, but you’re going to catch a wave of fun. Available at Wayfair.

5. Palm Welcome Mat


Welcome your guests to summer with a tropical first impression. This trendy doormat will start a conversation before they even make it through the threshold! Available at Dormify.

6. Watercolor Dinner Plates


We are all acquainted with the standard watercolor beachscape hanging on the wall of the beach house. These watercolor plates from West Elm bring a fresh perspective to a classic and take it to dinner.

7. Tie-Dye Inspired Pouf


We all tie-dyed some tee shirts at summer camp. Shibori is the refined, indigo centric cousin of the art. This shibori pouf from Pottery Barn adds summer fun and sophistication to any living space – campground or otherwise.

8. Vintage Lemon Wall Hangings


Lemonade stands – the official entrepreneurial venture of summer. Take yourself back to the early days of business, with these refined citrus illustrations from World Market.

9. Perfect Pool Paintings


Bring the pool boy indoors with this vintage-inspired cabana print. Give the feeling of poolside refinement in a past age of glamour and fun. Available at Society6.

10. Birds of a Feather


Get ready for your guests to flock around this fun flamingo chair. It is a bold summer decor addition that is tasteful and trendy enough to serve you throughout the seasons. This beats the plastic lawn flamingo any day. Available at World Market.



Hope you dudes enjoyed!

Sometimes links expire or products sell out. Please let me know if something goes missing, and I can send you a similar product. Email me at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.

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