How to Find Your Interior Design Style

I have a few easy ways to find your interior design style. It can be intimidating to walk into your empty room with no idea what you want, especially when those white walls are glaring back at you. There are also so many interior design styles to choose from. Are you a mid-century modern man? A glam and regency gal? Do you want something modern and minimalist or do you prefer a cozy and rustic look for your interior?


Don’t worry! This dude has five easy tips for you to find your interior decorating style and make your house a place where you will feel at home.

1. Decide How You Want Your Home to Feel

When it comes to determining your interior design style, you first need to start with how you want your home to feel. Your home will be a reflection of your personality, but it will also be the backdrop of your life. So, you need to make sure that your space makes you feel happy when you’re cooking, entertaining friends, and relaxing.

Want to feel refined, classic, or luxurious? Then you should consider Hollywood regency, traditional, Victorian, Art Deco, or possibly contemporary styles.


Want to feel cozy and relaxed? Check out rustic, shabby chic, coastal, or hygge looks.

Want to feel dynamic and fun? Achieve this feel with eclectic and boho styles.


Want to feel bright and clean? Then you would probably like modern, Scandinavian, mid-century, and minimalist decor.

Once you have decided how you want to feel, then you can move on to step two.

2. Make a Mood Board and Collect Inspiration Images 

Now we are on to the research phase. You know the feeling you want, but you don’t quite know how to put that feeling into a design style. You can start by doing internet searches for some of the styles we’ve talked about and compiling the ones you like into folders or Pinterest boards.


Eventually, you will start to see some patterns and commonalities. And hopefully, (if you’ve been paying attention to the image descriptions) you should be able to have a sense of a couple interior design styles that resonate with you.

3. Consult Your Closet 

Chances are that you’ve already been curating your overall style for years, and this style lives in your closet. See what types of clothes you have, because these are style items that you naturally gravitate to.

Do you like neutrals or bright colors? Do you like lots of patterns or solids? Do you accessorize everything or just go with a plain tee? (Pro Tip: If you are big into accessories, then you are probably not going to be super into the minimalist look for your home.)


I bet you didn’t know that you were already on your way to being a designer!

4. Take Your Home’s Architecture into Consideration When You Decorate 

Some of us live in pretty generic homes that come standard with white walls and limited architectural features. If this is the case for you, then you pretty much have a blank canvas and can go forward with any style and make it feel cohesive.

However, some of us live in Victorian mansions, Spanish villas, industrial lofts, and craftsman bungalows, and these architectural styles should be taken into consideration when decorating your interior. For example, it might look pretty silly to see a mid-century modern sofa in a Victorian parlor or a beachside watercolor painting in an urban loft.

please hate these things.png
This is what NOT to do.

There are always exceptions and opportunities to mix style when designing, but you want to make sure that your furnishings don’t clash and feel disorienting when placed inside your home.

5. Be Yourself! 

This one seems easy, but sometimes it is hard to stay true to what you really like when you are bombarded with advertisements, magazines, and TV shows telling you what the latest trends are. At the end of the day, you will be the one coming back home to your space, and it should make you feel happy to be there.

be yourself.gif

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