The Drowsy Dude’s Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Every dude needs a good night’s sleep to function properly. In 2019, catching some Zzz’s can be harder than ever. We’ve all had nights where we’ve binge-watched one too many shows, stayed up way too late watching celeb conspiracy videos on Youtube, or downed one too many cold brews after 6pm. Our bedrooms, though, play a big part in our sleep cycle. From color to curtains, here are my tips to optimize your space into the snuggly palace you deserve.



When designing a bedroom for better sleep, my suggestion is to streamline the space to make it less stimulating. I always take a minimalist approach when designing bedrooms. First, a bedroom should only be used for sleep. So, don’t make it your home office. Eliminate all electronics, including computers and TVs. Don’t add any office furniture, or anything work related.




Stick to simple colors and emphasize texture over pattern. I recommend painting the walls a light grey and sticking with all white bedding. An all white bed has been shown to improve sleep. Stay away from bright colors and patterns, as they will keep your mind stimulated and hinder sleep.




Studies have shown that electronics, blue light, bright colors, and over stimulating spaces can keep you up and mess up that sleep cycle. That is why I recommend removing all electronics from the space and sticking to a simple, clean design with subdued colors.




I can’t stress enough how life-changing the right mattress can be! Whether it comes in a box or you’ve picked it out in store, make sure you find the best fit for your sleep positions. I recommend bamboo mattresses like this one from Amazon. Selecting the right bedding is also key. Are you a duvet dude or do you prefer a classic comforter? Cooling gel or down? Two pillows or 25? Consider all your options.




Make your bedroom your own comfy little enclave with things like blackout curtains, plants, diffusers, weighted blankets, and noise machines. If you live in a city, blocking out loud noise and distracting light can be essential. Figure out what works for you. Remember, this is arguably your most personal space, so treat yourself, dude!




I think the worst bedroom faux pax’s are introducing electronics and a TV into the space. Save that for the living and family rooms, as the bedroom should be a retreat from all of the crazy stimuli of the day to day. As for the design, bright colors and crazy patterns are a no for the bedroom. Stick to whites and greys and introduce soft and varied textures to create a calm, spa-like retreat.


Check out this article I was featured in on for more of my tips as well as some great ideas from other designers to get the best sleep in your space. Have another question about designing your bedroom? Ask your dude at


Happy snoozing, dudes!

Coffee is Bae

It’s no secret that most of my life revolves around coffee and donuts. And why not? They are literally your perfect couple-friends that you can never live up to, but you have to be around to admire. I am the third wheel to coffee and donuts, and it is a beautiful place to be.

You’re such a cute couple. – Me to coffee and donuts


Now, I can’t eat donuts every day. So coffee is my main bae. Bae is probably the most beautiful phrase to come out of 2014.  Literally meaning “before anyone else,” that is how I feel about coffee. First thing in the morning, first person I talk to, refusing to acknowledge anything until the first cup is done.

And as far as coffee goes, Caferros is one of my favorite roasters. These little beans are hand picked in Columbia and roasted in small batches right here in San Antonio. A big thank you to all the dudes at Caferros, you are solely responsible for getting me out of bed in the morning and making me a part of functioning society.


One of my favorite things about them is their selection of flavored coffees. Now if you are one of those people opposed to flavored coffees, I understand. I was a coffee purist, too. Caferros is different. All of their flavors are organic and natural, and they are the real deal. My favorites are Texas Pecan, Mint Chocolate (yes Mint Chocolate, you have to try), and their flavor of Summer 2018, Coconut Fudge.

Brew a cup for yourself, dude. Hug your coffee mug in the morning and take in the sweet aroma. Treat yo bae right.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.14.58 PM.png

Hey, dudes.

Welcome to Design Dudes. Just a couple of dudes putting the D in Design.

Sup, bro? – a regular dude

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  • To make home design accessible to your average dude
  • To classify drinking as an educational hobby
  • To share some good eats (after taking a photo first)
  • To discover my cities (San Antonio and New Orleans)
  • And, to show other dudes how to live what I’m calling D’lifestyle

Who am I?

  • My name is Drew
  • Interior design is my passion, social media is my job, blogging is my fun
  • My motto: Don’t let your apartment look like a dorm room dude, you are 25
  • My style: Mid-century modern all the way (think Don Draper)
  • I love to rearrange my apartment, go out for drinks and eats, give recommendations of what to do around town, and take pictures of all of it

Thanks for staying with me this long. Hope you dudes join me on the Design Dudes Lifestyle. Peace, out.