Coffee is Bae

It’s no secret that most of my life revolves around coffee and donuts. And why not? They are literally your perfect couple-friends that you can never live up to, but you have to be around to admire. I am the third wheel to coffee and donuts, and it is a beautiful place to be.

You’re such a cute couple. – Me to coffee and donuts


Now, I can’t eat donuts every day. So coffee is my main bae. Bae is probably the most beautiful phrase to come out of 2014.  Literally meaning “before anyone else,” that is how I feel about coffee. First thing in the morning, first person I talk to, refusing to acknowledge anything until the first cup is done.

And as far as coffee goes, Caferros is one of my favorite roasters. These little beans are hand picked in Columbia and roasted in small batches right here in San Antonio. A big thank you to all the dudes at Caferros, you are solely responsible for getting me out of bed in the morning and making me a part of functioning society.


One of my favorite things about them is their selection of flavored coffees. Now if you are one of those people opposed to flavored coffees, I understand. I was a coffee purist, too. Caferros is different. All of their flavors are organic and natural, and they are the real deal. My favorites are Texas Pecan, Mint Chocolate (yes Mint Chocolate, you have to try), and their flavor of Summer 2018, Coconut Fudge.

Brew a cup for yourself, dude. Hug your coffee mug in the morning and take in the sweet aroma. Treat yo bae right.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.14.58 PM.png

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