The Drowsy Dude’s Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Every dude needs a good night’s sleep to function properly. In 2019, catching some Zzz’s can be harder than ever. We’ve all had nights where we’ve binge-watched one too many shows, stayed up way too late watching celeb conspiracy videos on Youtube, or downed one too many cold brews after 6pm. Our bedrooms, though, play a big part in our sleep cycle. From color to curtains, here are my tips to optimize your space into the snuggly palace you deserve.



When designing a bedroom for better sleep, my suggestion is to streamline the space to make it less stimulating. I always take a minimalist approach when designing bedrooms. First, a bedroom should only be used for sleep. So, don’t make it your home office. Eliminate all electronics, including computers and TVs. Don’t add any office furniture, or anything work related.




Stick to simple colors and emphasize texture over pattern. I recommend painting the walls a light grey and sticking with all white bedding. An all white bed has been shown to improve sleep. Stay away from bright colors and patterns, as they will keep your mind stimulated and hinder sleep.




Studies have shown that electronics, blue light, bright colors, and over stimulating spaces can keep you up and mess up that sleep cycle. That is why I recommend removing all electronics from the space and sticking to a simple, clean design with subdued colors.




I can’t stress enough how life-changing the right mattress can be! Whether it comes in a box or you’ve picked it out in store, make sure you find the best fit for your sleep positions. I recommend bamboo mattresses like this one from Amazon. Selecting the right bedding is also key. Are you a duvet dude or do you prefer a classic comforter? Cooling gel or down? Two pillows or 25? Consider all your options.




Make your bedroom your own comfy little enclave with things like blackout curtains, plants, diffusers, weighted blankets, and noise machines. If you live in a city, blocking out loud noise and distracting light can be essential. Figure out what works for you. Remember, this is arguably your most personal space, so treat yourself, dude!




I think the worst bedroom faux pax’s are introducing electronics and a TV into the space. Save that for the living and family rooms, as the bedroom should be a retreat from all of the crazy stimuli of the day to day. As for the design, bright colors and crazy patterns are a no for the bedroom. Stick to whites and greys and introduce soft and varied textures to create a calm, spa-like retreat.


Check out this article I was featured in on for more of my tips as well as some great ideas from other designers to get the best sleep in your space. Have another question about designing your bedroom? Ask your dude at


Happy snoozing, dudes!

Interior Design for the Introverted Dude

Alright, my dudes. Last week, we focused on design tips for extroverts – those guys that enjoy being at the center of attention and thrive on parties. But what if you’re not that kind of dude?

Maybe you’re the kind of dude who…

#1. Enjoys having quiet time alone to think, read, listen to music, or binge-watch Maniac on Netflix.

#2. Sometimes screens calls, even from your best buds, just because you need to mentally prepare yourself for a conversation.

#3. Would rather step on a Lego than engage in small talk with strangers.

If that sounds like you, then dude, you’re probably an introvert.


Introverts are people who thrive on having time alone to unwind and collect their thoughts. Unlike the extroverted dude, going out partying on a Friday night doesn’t energize you. In fact, too much socializing can be draining. In order to recharge your energy levels, you need time away from the hustle to reflect in a quiet space where you can find peace. But does your home decor appeal to your need for introspection and relaxation?

Introverts, this one’s for you! The Dude is here with some on-trend tips for creating a cozy and calming living space.

Here are some things to consider when designing your ideal fortress of solitude:


Keep It Simple

Given your more reserved nature, a simplistic, minimalist design is ideal for you. Scandinavian design, in particular, appeals to many introverts as it focuses on clean lines and warm textures. Simple layouts and bright, airy spaces are the goal here. Get yourself a comfy, contemporary couch, a sleek, modern coffee table, and some neutral accent pieces to create a living space that is perfect for unwinding after a long day.


As far as color goes, pick soft tones that are calming to you. Muted tones are better suited for this design rather than bold colors or patterns. Think: cool whites, tans, and greys with pops of black, green, and brown. These subdued hues will help create a relaxing refuge from the overstimulation of your daily life.



Find Your Center

As an introvert, you need to maintain a special focus on what energizes you while designing your home. So ask yourself: What is it that rejuvenates me? What makes me feel centered?

If you’re the kind of dude who enjoys relaxing with a good book, then you’re going to need a cozy chair and a great bookshelf. If you feel most at ease while listening to your favorite album, then show off that trendy record player. If you are a dude who loves collectables, then make sure that you have a designated space to store those baseball cards (or whatever dudes collect).

Whatever it is that refuels you, make sure to incorporate that into your space!



Hygge Your Home

Hygge is a lifestyle trend that originates from Denmark. The Danish word roughly translates into English to mean “coziness,” although it has no literal translation. The concept focuses on slowing down, living calmly, and embracing life’s simple pleasures. Although hygge is more of a state of mind rather than a design trend, it is a concept that can easily be channeled into your home decor.

Hygge translates particularly well into bedroom design. For you introverts, your bedroom should be a retreat from the buzzing, busy world. Hygge your home by prioritizing comfort when choosing furniture and decor. Don’t just consider how the piece looks, consider it’s “nap-ability” as well. For your bed, stick with crisp, white bedding, soft, neutral throws, and lots of plush pillows.


As far as color and design for the bedroom, I’d suggest soft, grey walls and sheer, white curtains to amp up natural light. Instead of pattern, try incorporating various textures of the same color scheme into the space. Consider a thick carpet or lush, furry rug. This will make the room feel warm and layered as well as visually calming.



Need some tailored advice for designing the perfect homebody haven? Reach out to your Design Dude at I would love to hear your design goals and help bring them to life!

Want some additional information about introverted interior design? Check out an article that I was featured in on for six cozy home decor ideas!


New Year – New Dude

Looking into 2019 like…

I think we can all agree that 2018 proved to be a crazy and trying year for everyone. From some serious celebrity breakups that we were all a little to personally invested in to Kanye entering politics to people literally eating Tide Pod detergent to the yanny vs laurel divide, this was probably the most nonsensical year yet. And, does anyone remember that raccoon who scaled the skyscraper? He is literally all of us trying to overcome 2018 and make it to 2019.


2018 was also a pretty crazy year for me personally. I started a new job, moved to a new apartment, got serious about blogging, had a number of failed relationships, and had some of the most trying interpersonal moments since high school. I got to meet 7,469 more of you dudes (thanks for the follows)! I was featured on my dream site, Apartment Therapy. I saw Taylor Swift in concert, and I subsequently reflected a lot about the state of my own reputation in 2018.


I got to attend some amazing events, travel, meet awesome people, try cool products, and make fun content for you dudes. But, I ultimately ended the year in burnout and depression, with rumors circulating about who I am as a person and some pretty nasty fallouts professionally and personally. But, it’s ok to be sad about things. (Did you hear that fragile masculinity? DUDES CAN BE SAD SOMETIMES!)

From this, I picked myself up (with some help), learned a lot about what to value, how to say no, who to trust, and who to call a friend. And, this crazy year shaped who I am and how I am going into 2019.

Even in my worst times, you could see the best of me. – Taylor Swift

So, let’s move on to those resolutions, eh? These are my personal resolutions, but I hope that you dudes can take some bits and pieces for yourself.

  • Take some time to learn about your main dude, you! 
    • I focused a lot on other people in 2018, whether that be in relationships, comparing myself, or fulfilling others’ needs before I could fulfill my own. So in 2019, I am making it a priority to take care of myself first and even take time to get to relearn myself. (Because, yes we change and don’t even realize it sometimes.) For some actionable steps, I am not dating anyone until Quarter 2, and I am making it a point to practice doing things by myself.



  • Be aware of what’s worth the energy of a dude. 
    • In 2018, I said yes to EVERYTHING. Every event I was invited to, every date, every night out, I tried it all – even when I knew I didn’t want to. This eventually just lead to burnout at the end of the year and a collection of VIP lanyards on my door handle. (The real question is: who cares?) I felt that I had to say yes to everything, had to be seen at every event, had to try out every big new thing, and that somehow this was connected to how important I was. News flash: you don’t have to be busy to be important, no one cares if you were at that event the next day, and if you don’t like your date you are not going to have fun at that rooftop bar. I promise! This year, I am practicing the art of saying no and asking the question “will this move me forward?” before I do something. If I don’t think it will be fun, don’t think it will advance me as a person, or don’t think it’s good for me, I am saying no. (But making sure to say no politely.)


  • A healthy dude is a happy dude. 
    •  I am definitely planning on stepping up the health game this year. I found that going to the gym actually gives me energy. Who knew a healthy lifestyle made you feel good? My goal is to commit to the gym four times a week, to yoga three times a week, and to a low sugar, veggie based home diet with all eating out as a cheat. Also, trying to sub a Netflix series for a book every month. Wish me luck!


  • Know the dudes behind the screen. 
    • I am so lucky to be able to meet amazing people through blogging and Instagram. I consider some of you dudes my closest friends. But, I am also trying to reduce screen time in the new year. So, let’s meet the dudes behind the screens! If we chat all the time on Instagram, let’s plan to meet IRL. Wouldn’t that be more fun?


So, there you have it. From the ashes of 2018, I have learned more than ever, and I am ready to make 2019 the best year yet. Who’s with me?

thank u 2018, next


Coffee is Bae

It’s no secret that most of my life revolves around coffee and donuts. And why not? They are literally your perfect couple-friends that you can never live up to, but you have to be around to admire. I am the third wheel to coffee and donuts, and it is a beautiful place to be.

You’re such a cute couple. – Me to coffee and donuts


Now, I can’t eat donuts every day. So coffee is my main bae. Bae is probably the most beautiful phrase to come out of 2014.  Literally meaning “before anyone else,” that is how I feel about coffee. First thing in the morning, first person I talk to, refusing to acknowledge anything until the first cup is done.

And as far as coffee goes, Caferros is one of my favorite roasters. These little beans are hand picked in Columbia and roasted in small batches right here in San Antonio. A big thank you to all the dudes at Caferros, you are solely responsible for getting me out of bed in the morning and making me a part of functioning society.


One of my favorite things about them is their selection of flavored coffees. Now if you are one of those people opposed to flavored coffees, I understand. I was a coffee purist, too. Caferros is different. All of their flavors are organic and natural, and they are the real deal. My favorites are Texas Pecan, Mint Chocolate (yes Mint Chocolate, you have to try), and their flavor of Summer 2018, Coconut Fudge.

Brew a cup for yourself, dude. Hug your coffee mug in the morning and take in the sweet aroma. Treat yo bae right.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 12.14.58 PM.png