Low Budget High Style Home Furnishings

Bromance Files: w/o 5.3.2020

Welcome to the first issue of Bromance Files, a blog segment where I share the top items I’ve been crushing on this week. This week’s theme is low budget but high style items that will upgrade your space without breaking the bank. From outdoor patio sets to living room furniture, all items in this post come in at under $500 and make a big impact with small budgets.

Get ready to…


Low Budget – High Style Decor Crushes 

Dining Room Table


Modern, sleek, and under $400 at All Modern.

Dining Room Chairs


The perfect match for your dining table, with some chic style included. Available at Wayfair for under $100. 



Go from living room to guest room in seconds with this stylish convertible sofa. Under $500 at Wayfair. 

Accent Chair


An accent chair that Don Draper himself would approve of, with a price of about $300 that you will approve of. From Wayfair.



Add some color to your space without getting crazy. This rug comes in lots of shapes and sizes and starts at only $85 for a 5’x7′. From Amazon. 

Bar Cart


This retro bar cart comes in with retro prices, and it only costs around $170 from Wayfair. 

Faux Plant


If you can’t keep a plant alive, don’t worry. This one will last forever and only costs around $40 from Wayfair.

Cocktail Art


Art instantly dresses up your space like a cocktail dresses up dinner. This print starts at only $20 from Society 6.

Rose Art

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 2.34.13 PM.png

Art says a lot about you. This art says…”I like wine.” Starting at $14 from RedBubble. 

Succulent Art


A mix of surrealism, succulents, and 1950s cereal ads, this piece has it all and I love it. Starts at $27 from Society 6. 

Cactus Fox Art


Art should be a conversation piece. This conversation goes “why is that little fox in the desert?” Starts at $26 on Society 6. 

Outdoor Lounge Chairs


These chairs are chic, cool, and comfy. Add some style to your porch for only $85 per chair. From Wayfair.

Outdoor Dining


Add some retro style to your patio space for under $500. Set available from Wayfair.

Outdoor Cafe Lights


Get ready for some romance with these patio cafe lights to set the mood. Available for under $20 at Amazon.


Hope you dudes enjoyed!

Sometimes links expire or products sell out. Please let me know if something goes missing, and I can send you a similar product. Email me at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.

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15 Things to Make Your Home Cozier

It’s officially Taurus season, and this year we are all finding ourselves spending quite a bit more time at home. Being a Gemini with a Taurus moon, I am tackling making my home cozier and embracing my inner “stay at home” moon sign with comfy accessories and House Hunters binges.


Make Your Home Cozier with These Simple Accessories

Are you ready to make your home place that will actually make you want to “stay in” on a weekend? I have curated the perfect list of cozy home accessories that will transform your level of comfort.

1. Weighted Blanket

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 2.17.36 PM.png

Yes, I am starting with a very cheesy item, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You want to be cozy right? Get a blanket that will come close to the feeling of human touch. Available at Target.

2. Chunky Knit Throw


When I think comfort, I think chunky knit throws. Bonus: this one is faux fur! If you aren’t ready to commit to the weighted blanked craze, this is the next best thing. (Also, it just looks so much fancier for when you actually have house guests.) Available at West Elm.

3. Fuzzy Pillows


The easiest way to add comfort? Add pillows! I love this shag textured pillow, because who doesn’t like to caress them as you watch TV alone…again? Available at West Elm. 

4. Faux Fur Rug

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 2.44.18 PM.png

This look isn’t just for cabins. A faux fur rug makes a cozy addition to any space from luxe to Hygge. Nothing feels better on your feet! Available from Rugs USA.

5. Textured Rug


Rugs with a unique texture also add a cozy element, like this Braid Stripe Sweater Rug. It even has “sweater” in the name! Available at West Elm. 

6. Fluffy Pouf 


I am obsessed with this handcrafted pouf! These are perfect for lounging on the floor with a good book or eating takeout on the coffee table in front of Netflix. Available from West Elm. 

7. Chaise Lounge


Why not go all out for your TV viewing. A chaise lounge is the perfect stylish option to stretch out on! Available from Wayfair. 

8. Upgrade Your TV

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 3.19.26 PM.png

Since we are spending all this time making things cozy for a night in, why not upgrade your TV? A 4k Smart TV would definitely be a great substitute for the theater. Available at Target. 

9. White Textured Bedding


I am often asked the secret to making a cozy bedroom. The answer: white bedding. The color white helps promote healthy sleep, clears the mind, and feels fresh and clean. Add extra fully texture, and boom! You have a cozy bedroom. Available at Urban Outfitters.

10. My Sofa Dreamz


Ok, while I was writing this post, I stumbled upon this…MY SOFA DREAMZ. This plush sofa converts to a flat sleeper bed in seconds. Go from Netflix straight to chill in mere moments. This is the future, dudes. Available at Urban Outfitters.

11. Stylish Wine Glasses


Moving back to more practical items… If you unwind with a glass of wine, try making it a little more special for those warm cozy vibes. I think these wine glasses are really fun and probably make the wine taste better. Available at West Elm.

12. Wall Hanging


Wall hangings are a quick and easy way to add instant texture, warmth, and style to your space. Available at World Market.

13. Escapist Art


To me, there is something kinda romantic and cozy about European beach pics. Maybe it’s the element of being able to see a far off place without ever leaving your sofa? Available at Pottery Barn.

14. String Lights


What’s cozier than twinkling string lights? I love these because they also double as pompoms during the day. Available at Urban Outfitters.

15. And finally…


Just kidding! This one doesn’t exist…yet. If it did, it would be available on Amazon.


Hope you dudes enjoyed!

Sometimes links expire or products sell out. Please let me know if something goes missing, and I can send you a similar product. Email me at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.

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E-Design with Design Dudes

Hey dude, are you on your laptop searching for the best ways to redo your space?

Of course, you are! That’s how you ended up here. What if I told you that you could have the help of your own personal interior stylist all without ever leaving the comfort of your computer? That’s where e-design services with Design Dudes come in. But, what exactly is e-design you ask?


What is E-Design? 

E-design is the interior design of a space done entirely online. This is a great way for you to work with a designer you love who lives in a different place, or it is a great way to get some help picking out items that you can purchase and place yourself. E-design is a great choice if you are working on a budget because it gives you a plan that you can then implement and do the heavy lifting on to save some bucks. Think of it as instant messaging your dreams to a design wizard who provides you with a magical online shopping list that’s then delivered straight to your door! (Ok, it’s pretty magical but make sure to stay realistic with your goals!)


Who Should Consider E-Design? 

Anyone with a computer and a project could be a candidate for e-design services!

The best e-design candidates are people who are looking to refresh their space with new accessories, furniture, art, and maybe a coat of paint. The process requires the homeowner to send in some photos, a rough floorplan sketch, and their inspiration. The designer takes it from there to provide a mood board and shopping list. Click purchase, and you are on your way!


An e-design candidate is probably someone who either doesn’t have time to go shopping themselves or has trouble bringing their vision to reality. Note: the e-design client will have to make time to take on small DIY projects, style their purchased items (with the help of the designer’s advice), and possibly bring in a tradesperson (like a painter) if necessary.


For major remodels, you may have an extensive project that would require extensive photos and a detailed floorplan created by you or a contractor. This may change standard rates, but it could be done if you work really well with your designer and you both communicate effectively online.

What Do You Get with E-Design?

When working with Design Dudes on an e-design package, you will receive:

  • Access to DM, e-mail, call, or FaceTime for initial and follow up design consults
  • An initial inspiration mood board to hone in on the look and feel of the space
  • A digital sample board of selected final pieces
  • A shopping list complete with links
  • A floorplan sketch (by request)
  • A styling guide of best practices

Below are some examples of final sample boards.

How Do You Get Started with E-Design? 

To get started in the e-design process, you will have to select your desired package and provide initial details to the designer. Here at Design Dudes, we make it easy with an e-design form. Fill out the e-design form today, and get started on your journey! I’d love to work with you and make your design dreams a reality.

More questions about the process and getting started? Email your dude at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.


2020 Goal: Make Cleaning Fun

Ok, dudes. It’s a new decade, but we all know you have some dirt and clutter from the 2010s lingering in your apartment. I’m talking about that drawer of take-out menus, that stack of holiday cards you are too sentimental to part with, and of course the dreaded plastic bag filled with plastic bags! What other things are we parting with as we move out of the 10s and into the roaring 20s: keto diet books, solar eclipse glasses, Pokemon Go app downloads? 


I’m here to tell you that we have to let that go! Time to start fresh. You may remember my 2019 post about how to jump start your cleaning chores. Well, this year I am making it a goal to grab the mop by the bucket (that’s clever word play, right?) and try cleaning more often. I think the best way to do this is to make cleaning fun. So, here are my tips to turn a boring chore into what you look forward to next week. 


Pump Up the Jamz (or the Podcast)

When I first started going to the gym, I thought it was boring and couldn’t wait to complete the final set and leave. So to make it more fun, I started making playlists to get me in a better mood when I was there. Soon, I found myself getting excited to go to the gym so I could take an hour to tune out and tune into my favorite songs. I propose we make cleaning a dance party in 2020. Who’s with me? 


Let the Games Begin 

Are you ready for it? If you find yourself with a competitive edge, try making cleaning a game. This may sound dumb, but it is a sure fire way to liven up the mood especially if you get other players (I mean cleaners) involved! Go make those free throws into the trash can, race to the end of the counter with your spray cleaner and rag, and ultimately try to beat the clock you set for yourself. 


Are You Getting the Point? 

Prizes make everything more fun right? Here’s the plan: make a list of all the cleaning chores you need to do for the week and every time you mark one off give yourself a point. Set a point goal for the end of the week, and if you make it go treat yo self! I think it’s worth taking out the trash on Monday if it means we’re treating ourselves to brunch Sunday!


Let the Robots Take Over 

Ok, so maybe *you* don’t have to do all the cleaning after all. If you have the budget, go make the investment in a robot floor cleaner. All you have to do is kick your feet up and enjoy. 


Dump Your Cleaner and Upgrade 

If you are cleaning with lackluster cleaners, then you may not be getting that sense of satisfaction when you’re done with the job. Personally, I want my apartment to smell fresh and inviting, not like heavy chemicals. That’s why I use Art of Green® cleaning products.


Art of Green offers two scents: 

  • Lavender Eucalyptus, which is very light and almost spa-like, and Citrus & White Flowers, which is very fresh and clean.

And three products: 

  • Spray cleaner, ready-wipes, and a concentrated cleaner for mopping floors. 

The biodegradable formula is 98% naturally derived, is nontoxic, and is free of harsh chemicals as well as parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color, or phosphates that you may find in other cleaners. Art of Green has also been dermatologically tested and is safe for sensitive skin, which means no need for cleaning gloves! For me, that instantly makes the chore of cleaning easier. It is also safe to use around pets, so your furry friends will be having more fun too. 


Hope you dudes have more fun cleaning with these tips! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or ask your dude at heydesigndudes@gmail.com


Learn more at artofgreen.com. Art of Green is available at H-E-B stores.

This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Cleaning Spooky Messes

Hey, dudes! We are in October, which means it is officially spooky season. You know what else is spooky? Having to clean your apartment after your Halloween party.

But, don’t worry. I got you covered when it comes to polishing your pumpkins, cleaning up melted candy corn conundrums, and brushing away those spiderwebs only to add fake ones back in for decoration.


Now, you may remember my blog post where I discovered my favorite cleaning product, Art of Green®. They make eco-friendly cleaning products including a spray cleaner, wipes, and a concentrated cleaner. These Green products also come in way cheaper than some alternatives at under $3, so you won’t be screaming when you go to pay.

Plus, they make cleaning a breeze. Use the wipes when you have small treat spills on counters, tables, or floors. The spray cleaner is perfect for bigger messes, like when your cauldron boils over on the stove. The concentrated cleaner comes through when you need to mop the floors after a rowdy monster mash.


My favorite part is that there are no scary ingredients either. The biodegradable formula is 98% naturally derived, is nontoxic, and is free of harsh chemicals as well as parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color, or phosphates that you may find in other cleaners. Art of Green has also been dermatologically tested and is safe for sensitive skin, which means no need for cleaning gloves!


If your haunted mansion is feeling musty, the bright scents of Art of Green will brighten it right up. Scents include Lavender Eucalyptus, which is very light and almost spa-like, and Citrus & White Flowers, which is very fresh and clean. (Lavender is my jam.)

Now, let’s tackle those scary messes head on!

Learn more at artofgreen.com. Art of Green is available at H-E-B stores.

This post has been sponsored by Art of Green. All thoughts and opinions are my own.