E-Design with Design Dudes

Hey dude, are you on your laptop searching for the best ways to redo your space?

Of course, you are! That’s how you ended up here. What if I told you that you could have the help of your own personal interior stylist all without ever leaving the comfort of your computer? That’s where e-design services with Design Dudes come in. But, what exactly is e-design you ask?


What is E-Design? 

E-design is the interior design of a space done entirely online. This is a great way for you to work with a designer you love who lives in a different place, or it is a great way to get some help picking out items that you can purchase and place yourself. E-design is a great choice if you are working on a budget because it gives you a plan that you can then implement and do the heavy lifting on to save some bucks. Think of it as instant messaging your dreams to a design wizard who provides you with a magical online shopping list that’s then delivered straight to your door! (Ok, it’s pretty magical but make sure to stay realistic with your goals!)


Who Should Consider E-Design? 

Anyone with a computer and a project could be a candidate for e-design services!

The best e-design candidates are people who are looking to refresh their space with new accessories, furniture, art, and maybe a coat of paint. The process requires the homeowner to send in some photos, a rough floorplan sketch, and their inspiration. The designer takes it from there to provide a mood board and shopping list. Click purchase, and you are on your way!


An e-design candidate is probably someone who either doesn’t have time to go shopping themselves or has trouble bringing their vision to reality. Note: the e-design client will have to make time to take on small DIY projects, style their purchased items (with the help of the designer’s advice), and possibly bring in a tradesperson (like a painter) if necessary.


For major remodels, you may have an extensive project that would require extensive photos and a detailed floorplan created by you or a contractor. This may change standard rates, but it could be done if you work really well with your designer and you both communicate effectively online.

What Do You Get with E-Design?

When working with Design Dudes on an e-design package, you will receive:

  • Access to DM, e-mail, call, or FaceTime for initial and follow up design consults
  • An initial inspiration mood board to hone in on the look and feel of the space
  • A digital sample board of selected final pieces
  • A shopping list complete with links
  • A floorplan sketch (by request)
  • A styling guide of best practices

Below are some examples of final sample boards.

How Do You Get Started with E-Design? 

To get started in the e-design process, you will have to select your desired package and provide initial details to the designer. Here at Design Dudes, we make it easy with an e-design form. Fill out the e-design form today, and get started on your journey! I’d love to work with you and make your design dreams a reality.

More questions about the process and getting started? Email your dude at heydesigndudes@gmail.com.


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