Luxury Design for the Frugal Dude

Dudes, if you’re anything like me then you have an eye for the finer things in life. Much like Ariana, I see it, I like it, I want it…


But, then I check the price tag. And I put it back.

Those student loans are not going to pay off themselves, and unfortunately we aren’t all multimillionaires with the capability of buying whatever we want whenever we want. At least not yet…

However, just because you may not have an overabundance of money, does not mean that your living spaces have to look cheap. It is possible to show off your champagne taste without it looking like you’re on a beer budget. Here are a few quick and simple tips that can take your home from lame to luxe!

Keeping It Brassy

Apartmenttherapy dot com.jpg

One of the easiest and low-cost options to kick up the classiness of your kitchen is to update your hardware. Knobs, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls are all small details that can have a large impact. So swap out your dull fixtures for ones with a high-end sheen. Brushed gold and brass fixtures are trendy, yet timeless, and they SCREAM luxe!


Throw in the Towel


An easy addition to make your bathroom look more upscale is to invest in some quality linens. Dudes, it’s time to toss those ratty towels that you stole from your college roommate and get yourself some crisp white, fluffy towels (like the kind you would find in a fancy hotel or spa). This will immediately give your bathroom a posh vibe, and your guests will get a more luxurious feeling from the space.


White and Airytumblr_om0us0dfca1vnyd1eo1_640.jpg

To boost up the “luxe factor” for your bedroom, keep the color scheme simple, light, and airy. A palette of clean, bright whites and soft greys is ideal here. Grey painted walls with a classic white trim is an excellent way to make the space look effortlessly upscale. Plush, all-white bedding will also help create that luxury hotel feel — and you will be the one getting a 5-star review!


Set the Stage

Want a simple way to dress up your dining area? Set the table! A staged tablescape will make this space feel much more elegant. I recommend buying some simple, white dishes paired with gold flatware. Gold is still a trending color, and a small investment that will show off some high-end style. Add a vase of fresh cut flowers (you can buy these cheaply from any local grocery store), and your guests will think that they are dining at The Ritz.


Crush Itgreen-velvet-sofas-273084-1542745610439-main.700x0c.jpg

Help your living room live its best life by adding some luxurious crushed velvet pieces. A contemporary velvet sofa, accent chair, or throw pillow will definitely elevate the space without breaking the bank. World Market carries a lot of on-trend velvet products that are inexpensive in cost but will look (and feel!) very upscale.


Cleanse Your PaletteLiving-Room-Idea-For-Men-23.jpg

For a truly elegant look, keep a simple color palette of whites and greys throughout your home. This creates a crisp, fresh feel that is seen in many luxury home magazines. Accent with trendy finishes, but in a low cost way — for example, a simple light switch made out of gold brushed hardware. Pick 1-2 complementary accent colors and use these throughout your home to keep a cohesive look. Adding too much color can start to feel shabby chic or boho, which is nice but a very different vibe than luxe.


If you want some additional tips to take your home decor from drab to fab, check out these two articles that I was featured in: Better Homes & Gardens and Reader’s Digest. And as always, feel free to reach out to me for some tailored advice on luxe design! Just ask your Design Dude at

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