Styling Your Kitchen

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Hey, dudes! Are you feeling uninspired while making your weekly meal prep? It may be time to spice things up with a little kitchen update. Now, this can seem overwhelming, but I have a few tips to make small and manageable changes in the kitchen without gutting it and starting over. Let’s get cooking!

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(Back)splash Zone

A backsplash is a super simple and relatively inexpensive way to bring a new look to your kitchen. A wallpapered or painted backsplash might be the cheapest option, but it is definitely not the most effective. Between grease splatters and splashes, your backsplash can really take a beating. Instead, spend a little extra and go for a more durable material like tile or stainless steel. This can be an easy weekend job for the DIY expert, or if you get stressed watching how to videos, you can hire a professional for less than redoing your entire kitchen. This is a big impact but low cost project!


Take a Seat

If you are needing some socialization and company while cooking, find some unique chairs or stools for your guest. After all, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home and we all end up there anyway, right? When shopping, try finding some thrift items for less or even repurpose some stools that you already have. Some new seat cushions and a paint job can make a brand new piece for your kitchen space. Make sure you get something that is the right height for your counter and functions well!

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Image: Premier Surfaces


Countertops – Treat Yo Self

Now, are you ready to make a big change with big impact? Let’s talk about updating those countertops. Personally, I love natural stone counters. This is a little bit of a splurge, but well worth it. Primer Surfaces has a great selection and also a ton of resources to help you pick the perfect stone. Natural stone offers a truly unique surface, because no two slabs are alike. From limestone, to granite, to marble, they remain a classic and timeless choice.

Now you may have also heard about quartz but what about quartzite? Unlike quartz, quartzite is naturally occuring. It’s a hard metamorphic rock that originated as sandstone. With high heating and pressurization, the sandstone is transformed into quartzite which is extremely strong. It’s a bit lighter in appearance and ideal for any countertop surface because of its durability. Stone will definitely make a great addition to any kitchen’s style.


Pump Up the Jam

If you are like me, you might hate the chore of cooking. Why not make it more fun by playing some tunes on a new sound system? I also like to keep the music playing while friends and guests enjoy dinner, because it sets the mood of the party. My tip is to hide your speakers in a place that no one can see, so that you save counter space. You can install them in your ceiling or you could even put them on top of your cabinets behind a plant. Get ready to dance the night away straight into dessert.


Let’s Dish

One really simple way to spice up the kitchen (and the food you’re cooking) is new dishes! New dishes are the perfect (renovation free) way to bring some new flair to your kitchen space. You can also come up with a creative way to showcase your new dining bling. Switching out solid cabinet doors for glass fronts is a great way to make the space seem more open, and this offers the perfect storage option for dishes. Open shelving is also a great option. The best part of open shelves is that you have even easier access to those plates for some midnight snacks. Do you have an island or a peninsula in your kitchen? Then you need to set the bar. Styling the space and making it dinner ready is the perfect way to showcase your new plates and bowls. It will make your space look great too.


Keep It Functional

Despite all the gorgeous kitchens you may see on Pinterest, you want your kitchen to fit you and your needs. Do you need a chef grade space with plenty of storage to cook up a storm, or do you just need a microwave and a wine fridge? Whatever the decision, make sure your kitchen functions to fit your needs.


Need some specific tips on styling your kitchen? I’d be happy to help! Ask your dude at


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