How to Freshen Up Your Home This Spring

The Top Home Trend in 2021 is Comfort – Here’s How You Can Make Your Home Office More Comfortable with Purple 

Purple sponsored this blog post, and all opinions are my own.

One Day, I Decided to Make My Home Office Even Cozier 

Did you dudes know one of the leading home design trends in 2021 is comfort? It seems like it should be a given, right? After spending so much time at home, dudes realize just how important comfort really is. Like me! I work from home and decided it was time to add some extra cozy vibes to my home office space. When I learned Purple makes a full line of seat cushions, my curiosity was sparked.  

Receiving My Purple Shipment

First, I Researched the Purple Office Chair Seat Cushion  

The Purple Double Seat Cushion is designed to turn your desk time into “me time.” It’s made for eight hours of sitting and comes with the official Purple Grid and seat cover. The Purple Grid features a hyper-elastic gel grid that immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust for an immediate pressure-reducing response. I had to test this bad boy out for myself.  

Next, I Tested Out Purple Mattresses and Seat Cushions in Store 

Purple makes it easy to find a Purple retailer near you, and you can even book personal appointments to get that VIP level service. I tested out some mattresses and seat cushion options and was amazed! Each product really did live up to the hype I’ve heard so much about. I could feel the pressure melt away. I decided to get a Purple Double Seat Cushion and the Purple Harmony Pillow

Testing Out Purple In-store

Then, I Freshened Up My Office Space with the Purple Seat Cushion

I was so excited to get my Purple Double Seat Cushion in the mail! Freshening up my office space was so easy. I just followed a few simple steps, and BOOM…my office was the pinnacle of comfort. The Purple Grid really does make a difference at my desk. I can sit uninterrupted for much longer, the anti-slip cover stays in place, and I can move it around with the convenient handles. If you dudes want to jump on this whole comfort trend, Purple’s got your back! (Plus, they make it easy to upgrade with awesome sales.) 

Setting Up My Purple Seat Cushion

You Can Level Up Your Home Comfort with Purple’s Epic Memorial Day Sale, Too! 

The Purple Memorial Day promotion runs from May 19th through June 8th. Amazing (and comfortable) deals include up to $400 in savings on Purple Mattress Bundles. 

Step 1 – Pick Your Dream Mattress

$200 Off Purple Hybrid Premier

$150 Off Purple®Hybrid

$100 Off The Purple Mattress

$25 Off Kid Mattress

Step 2 – Add a Bundle and Save Even More!

$200 off 2 Harmony Pillows, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

$175 off 2 Purple Pillows, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

$150 off 1 Harmony Pillow, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

$150 off 2 Plush Pillows, 1 set of Purple Sheets + 1 Mattress Protector

Love My Purple Seat Cushion!

Level Up Your Own Home Comfort with Purple

Shop the Amazing Line of Purple Products

Get 10% Off Purple Products with Code: DesignDudes10

(I earn commission through my sales link, which allows me to create amazing blogs like this for dudes like you.)

The Purple Seat Cushion in Action

Other Ways to Freshen Your Home and Office This Spring 

1. Clean up your act! Give your space a good deep clean to feel refreshed and recharged. 

2. Add in new decor. Nothing transforms a room like art, color, and accessories. 

I hope you dudes enjoyed it! If you have additional questions on blending styles, email me at Need help pulling together your own blended space? Check out my design services.

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