Bromance: Julian Chichester

Bromance (ˈbrōˌmans) noun – a close friendship between dudes.

Hey dudes, welcome to a new blog series I am doing – “Bromances.” In this series, I will be highlighting products, brands, and other things that I really love and want to share with you guys.

For my first installment in this series, I wanted to highlight a furniture brand I recently was introduced to: Julian Chichester. This brand embodies individualism, and they create really cool modern pieces that have a fun personality as well.

If you haven’t learned my style by now, I like to have a classic base and incorporate fun elements that offer some surprise and really make an impact in the space. So, when I found this brand I instantly fell in love. The attention to design detail in the pieces is amazing, and they can even create custom pieces that are one of a kind – just for you!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the new spring collection.

thumbnail 2.jpg

Dorothy Chair

A stunning Leather wrapped steel dining chair with 1950s origins. There are Brass details on the legs and Brass feet.

What I love: The clean lines and mid century look of the piece made me fall hard for this chair. Also, red leather – how cool is that?

thumbnail (1).jpg

Alfred Chest

A beautiful chest of two Black Vellum drawers, Brass drawer frames and a Smoked Oak body. Brass is a hand applied finished which is moulded and beaten by hand. As a result, the finish is unique in both appearance and texture. Vellum is a natural skin with no two pieces exactly alike, therefore variation in shade and tone along with physical characteristics are inevitable and may change over time.

What I love: The asymmetrical draws of this chest made it really stand out to me. I like that dynamic element of surprise. The brass accents also highlight this perfectly, without making too big of an impact.


Royere Dining Arm Chair

After the original, this is a superbly elegant dining chair, finished in Distressed Walnut.

What I love: The floral fabric is what made me fall in love with this chair. The pattern is bold and offers some fun colors and movement. And yes, dudes can have florals in their apartment too.

Fontana Mirror.jpg

Fontana Mirror 

After a 1950s mirror, this design combines an Aged Brass frame with an elegant vintage green glass strip. Brass Wrap is a hand applied finished which is moulded and beaten by hand. As a result, the finish is unique in both appearance and texture.

What I love: Well, we know I am a big fan of teal and vintage green. As my go to accent color, I definitely fell in love with this mirror when I saw it. This piece would be great in an entry way, bathroom, bedroom…ok it would look great anywhere.


Hope you dudes enjoyed checking out the Julian Chichester spring line with me! If you want to learn more about the brand make sure to visit their website at If you need help styling your pieces, make sure to reach out to me at

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