Interior Design for the Extroverted Dude

Dude, let’s play a game of Choose Your Own Adventure. It’s Friday night. You just got home from a long day of work. You plop down on the couch and get a text message. It’s your buddy asking if you want to go out for happy hour and possibly have the most epic Friday night ever. Do you…

#1: Put your phone on silent and start binging Bandersnatch.  

#2: Grab your coat, because you’re off to the most epic night ever!

If you chose number two, then you’re on the right blog post. Because dude, you might be an extrovert.


Extroverts are people who are thrive on being social. Staying in on a Friday night and binging Netflix alone on the couch just doesn’t do it for you. Instead, you often feel rejuvenated after spending an evening entertaining a crowd of guests. But do you have the ultimate party space for this?

Dudes, this isn’t college anymore. Empty bottles of craft beer across the top of your kitchen cabinets doesn’t exactly have the same visual appeal as they once did. But don’t worry! The Dude is here to help make your home the talk of the party.

Here are some things to consider while designing the perfect party pad:


Open Up – Your Floor Plan!

The goal here is to have a great space for entertaining guests. An open floor plan with an attached kitchen and living space is ideal for extrovert design as it leaves plenty of space for gathering and socializing. Consider focusing your party around a kitchen island or bar top. This is a great area to lay out snacks and drinks, and it allows you to be at the center of conversation. Be sure to have some nice seating options in this area, like pair of good-looking bar stools, for guests to get comfortable.


Is Your Living Room Living Its Best Life?

Sure, the kitchen has the food (and what is a party without food?), but your living room is the hub of entertainment for your party. Make sure that your living room is living up to its name by creating a great entertaining area.

It is important to have many options for guest seating. An oversized couch or sectional with a large ottoman is a great start and serves as a focal point for socialization, but also consider adding a few extra seating arrangements to make the most of the space. Multiple groupings of chairs allow for multiple conversation areas for guests, and that means even more conversations for you to hop between!

Also, consider a flat screen entertainment center or a great music system to add that extra energy to your gathering. And, don’t forget the libations – a trendy bar cart will help get the party started!


Now, Get the Party Started

Social dudes obviously love having something to talk about – so give it to them! Incorporate key pieces into your home decor that will catch your guests’ eye and get them talking. Unique items, like a trendy record player, an eclectic rug, or some geometric floor tiles, will do just that. Jazz up your entertainment space with some bold colors or patterns. Consider an accent wall with a fun wallpaper print or some striking artwork. These additions are bold, visually stimulating, and will certainly reflect your outgoing personality.


Need some tailored advice for designing the perfect party pad? Reach out to your Design Dude! I can help you toss those craft beer bottles from college and transform your space to fit your design goals:

Want some additional information about extroverted interior design? Check out an article that I was featured in on for six home decor ideas!

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