Black Friday in 4k – The TV Guide

Black Friday is almost here, which means it’s officially the start of the holiday shopping season. Have you made your list yet? When I think Black Friday, I think “it’s time to upgrade my TV.”

“Man, check out this sweet TV I got on Black Friday.” – every dude

Every dude loves getting a sweet new TV on Black Friday for a deal. We want the best, but let’s face it we’re all pretty cheap. Whether you are into sports, gaming, or are like me and have a small Netflix addiction, the quality of your screen has to be the greatest and latest.  That’s why one of the most popular gifts of the year (and undoubtedly the upcoming holiday season) is the 4K TV. At a higher price point, a 4K TV may be out of some dudes’ price range. But luckily, these are some of the most likely gadgets to be discounted during holiday sales. (Especially those upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!) 

4K Setup

Exactly what is a 4K TV? For those dudes who haven’t been following this trend closely, this is an emerging technology that offers a super high-definition viewing of shows, movies, and games. 4K displays offer a broader range of color and picture depth. (Think movie theater quality or an actual window into another dimension.) An extremely refined image is a gift most any dude can appreciate, but 4K TVs are particularly popular among those dudes who are into tech and gaming. They also make a great gift for the guy looking to upgrade his man cave or hoping to take his game day or premier day parties to the next level.

Looking to give (or get) the coolest gift of 2018? The dudes at suggest keeping a close watch on holiday sales for this popular item. For more information about how to choose the best 4K TV, check out their full guide here:

These dudes know what’s up when it comes to TVs!


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