Spring Cleaning for the Unorganized Dude

Alright dudes, we’re headed into springtime. That means it’s time to wake up out of that hibernation and get down to some spring cleaning. This may sound like the worst task ever, but you got this dude! Pop in those earbuds and play a hype playlist, because we’re about to do some work.


Put the D in Declutter

Now, let’s put the D in Declutter: Duds, Decor, and Digital.



Don’t be a hoarder, dude. It is time to recycle those old jeans and band tees you never wear, along with any other out-of-date clothes. I clean out my closet every spring to make room for new garb. Pro tip: if you haven’t used it in one year, you probably don’t need it. Resale stores will give you some cash if the clothes still have value. Otherwise, donating is a great way to let go and give back. For those dudes who still can’t part ways with their high school gym clothes, find a mediator! Invite someone you trust will be honest with you, sometimes you need that extra perspective telling you not to hold on to certain things any longer.



There is one “D” you don’t want: DUST. Take knick-knacks off of the shelf and witness the outline of dust that has collected. Once you wipe down your surfaces, evaluate the items and see if they are worth keeping or just outdated. Stick to the minimalist approach, and show off those items that really mean something to you.

This last decor suggestion with help you breathe easier, literally. Get a plant and place it in a spot with decent sunlight. It will clean the air in your space, and surely bring a fresh start into your home.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 8.47.41 PM.png


In 2019, one of the biggest forms of clutter we all have is in digital format. I spend plenty of time on my phone and computer but hardly ever find myself cleaning up my files. However, organizing a smartphone can be done in less time than scrolling through an Instagram feed.

The first thing to do is create individual folders for apps that are similar; such as productivity, finance, food, games, travel, photography and so on. When I begin to classify these apps, I notice the unnecessary and scarcely used ones. You guessed it, let’s delete those. This method can also be used for computer files that need cleaning up. Additionally, photos take up a lot of storage, so delete those blurry pictures and screenshots that have only been used once. For usable pictures, save them on an online storage platform to visit later. Get familiar with the Cloud and stop e-hoarding!


Do you have any other questions about decluttering? Reach out to the Dude at heydesigndudes@gmail.com for tips and design suggestions for any type of living space. Happy spring, and good luck with your organization goals!


2019 Design #Goals

It seems like I was just writing about 2018 trends… How time flies for a busy dude, right?

All the 2019 trends are about to hit us. (I heard from one of you dudes that it is going to be the year of the llama, so stay tuned for llama themed decor.) But first, let’s start the year off right with some design tips to get organized and ready to tackle whatever comes your way in the new year.


Here is how I get my space ready for the new year:

  • Putting the D in Decluttering
    • Yes, even decluttering can be fun! Dudes often think this is the most daunting task, so they let old college tees pile up in the corner of the living room next to that old recliner they got from dad. You don’t have to live this way, dude! Here are my tips for decluttering your space for some clarity in the new year.
      • Toss or donate anything that you haven’t used in a year. If you haven’t used it for 6 months or more, chances are you don’t need it. Hate to break it to you, but those jeans from high school are never going to fit again judging on the beer cans in the recycling bin that need to be taken out.
      • Make the piles. When decluttering I make 3 piles: keep, donate/sell, trash. Don’t be wishy washy on what pile to put something in! This is the time to be as hardcore and cold as possible. (The keep pile should be the smallest.)
      • Make it fun! Decluttering doesn’t have to be miserable. Make it an event – play music, invite friends over, have a brewski or two. It will make the process go by faster.


  • The OG Guide to Organizing
    • Now that everything you own is in a pile in the middle of the room (because you should have gotten rid of the other two piles mentioned by now), it is time to organize. The bright side is, you have significantly less things to organize! When organizing I do the following:
      • Divide your pile into rooms: living room stuff, kitchen stuff, bedroom stuff, storage stuff, etc.
      • Tackle these mini piles one by one.
      • Start with your first room and assess where everything can go. Consider if you should invest in more storage solutions and purchase those.
      • Then, place your items and done! But seriously, it shouldn’t be complicated. There is no perfect system of organization, so do what makes sense to you.

635922832360675432-1763852986_leslie knope organized.gif

  • So Fresh and So Clean
    • Next step, clean it all! Your pad is probably very dusty and grimy by this point. (Please take out the recycling bin full of beer cans already!) Take out trash, dust, wipe down your surfaces, vacuum, mop – in that order! Never mop and then vacuum. You should know this by now, dude.


  • New Year, New Pad
    • Now for the fun part! Introduce something new to your pad for the new year. This can be really simple or really big. You get to decide how you’re living your best design life in 2019. Try updating some throw pillows on the sofa, getting new bedding, or painting a wall. Try incorporating Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year: Living Coral. (Dudes can like pink!)


  • Align Your Resolutions with Your #DesignGoals
    • What are your goals for the new year? To approach life through minimalism, to be bold, to be more peaceful, to live the luxe life? Well, all of those are styles you can incorperate into your pad! Start off on the right visual foot and make the space reflect your #goals. Our environment really affects us and how we perform in the world.


If you need help with your space, reach out to your Design Dude! I can help you with whatever design challenge you are faced with in 2019: heydesigndudes@gmail.com.

Also yes, I did make this whole post Parks and Rec themed. You’re welcome.