Hey, dudes.

Welcome to Design Dudes. Just a couple of dudes putting the D in Design.

Sup, bro? – a regular dude

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  • To make home design accessible to your average dude
  • To classify drinking as an educational hobby
  • To share some good eats (after taking a photo first)
  • To discover my cities (San Antonio and New Orleans)
  • And, to show other dudes how to live what I’m calling D’lifestyle

Who am I?

  • My name is Drew
  • Interior design is my passion, social media is my job, blogging is my fun
  • My motto: Don’t let your apartment look like a dorm room dude, you are 25
  • My style: Mid-century modern all the way (think Don Draper)
  • I love to rearrange my apartment, go out for drinks and eats, give recommendations of what to do around town, and take pictures of all of it

Thanks for staying with me this long. Hope you dudes join me on the Design Dudes Lifestyle. Peace, out.